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Tye's Dyes Acrylic

Tye's Dyes Pre-mixed Glitter and color Acrylic Nail Powders are the Bomb! Hundreds of Amazing Design Acrylic Products to choose from! These Professional Nail Products make your job easier. Each container of Design Powder is mixed with a very fine fast setting acrylic. Mixed into this Acrylic Powder is Glitter, Confetti, Mylar, Tints, Shells and more! With mixing in additives to this fast setting Acrylic Powder, it slows the setting time to a PERFECT setting time! YOu will fall in love with these mixes. Each jar of Acrylic Powder gives you at least 25 Full Sets of Acrylic Nail Designs. The Colored Acrylic podwer is very rich with color, so a little goes a long way! We are constantly creating new colors and new designs with Nail photos and Nail Videos.


Haigh Industries Inc., manufacturer of Akzentz professional nail products, is proud to be 100% Canadian owned. Founded in 1989 by Sandra Haigh with the sole purpose of manufacturing the highest quality user friendly nail products, Akzentz has progressed into one of the most renowned brands of nail products worldwide. Through research, Haigh Industries has developed the Akzentz brand of products for the professional nail technician. Specializing in advanced product development and the manufacturing of specialty nail products, Haigh industries goal has been to provide nail technicians with the products, tools and support to excel in the professional beauty industry. Akzentz growth and development continues to be guided by Sandra Haigh (President of Haigh Industries), Frank Haigh (Vice President) and Cheryl Campbell (Director of Sales and Marketing). Sandra continues to be responsible for the creation and manufacturing of the most innovative and ground breaking nail products. As the professional nail industry progresses, Akzentz is committed to continually raise its already high standards and remain a driving force in the development of new and innovative products to meet the needs of twenty first century nail technicians.

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Many more products coming very soon