Nail Science Academy & Salon Inc.

Ready For Success

40 hours in-class

  • 5 hours - Theory
  • 2 hours - Nail prep
  • 1.5 hours - Business and Client Building
  • 1.5 hours Manicure and Polish Techniques
  • 12 hours Gel Application
  • 2 hours Electric nail Filing
  • 6 hours - Nail Fills
  • 2 hours - Nail Art
  • 6 hours - Acrylic
  • 2 hours - EXAM

40 hour practical application credit for working on models in class

160 hour practicum portfolio – mentored

This is our standard entry level certification program, targeting all career types for readiness to begin their journey in the industry. The 240 hr complete course is offered in different formats to suit different individual lifestyles… weekday, weekend and customized schedules for private classes. The course will cover mandatory theory and manual work and preps the student for any provincial and state exams. This course is designed to introduce and apply all the skills required to become a full service nail technician professional. We include such services as gel and acrylic full sculptured nails, nail tips, hand massages, manicures, overlays, electric file training and client building. At the entry level ‘‘Ready for Success’’, emphasis is devoted to the perfection of skills. On completion of exam requirement and practicum, you will be ready to seek employment in salons or begin a home based business.