Tye's Dyes Pre-mixed Glitter and color Acrylic Nail Powders are the Bomb!
Hundreds of Amazing Design Acrylic Products to choose from!
These Professional Nail Products make your job easier. Each container of Design Powder is mixed with a very fine fast setting acrylic. Mixed into this Acrylic Powder is Glitter, Confetti, Mylar, Tints, Shells and more! With mixing in additives to this fast setting Acrylic Powder, it slows the setting time to a PERFECT setting time! YOu will fall in love with these mixes.
Each jar of Acrylic Powder gives you at least 25 Full Sets of Acrylic Nail Designs. The Colored Acrylic podwer is very rich with color, so a little goes a long way!
We are constantly creating new colors and new designs with Nail photos and Nail Videos.

Haigh Industries Inc., manufacturer of Akzentz professional nail products, is proud to be 100% Canadian owned. Founded in 1989 by Sandra Haigh with the sole purpose of manufacturing the highest quality user friendly nail products, Akzentz has progressed into one of the most renowned brands of nail products worldwide.
Through research, Haigh Industries has developed the Akzentz brand of products for the professional nail technician. Specializing in advanced product development and the manufacturing of specialty nail products, Haigh industries goal has been to provide nail technicians with the products, tools and support to excel in the professional beauty industry.
Akzentz growth and development continues to be guided by Sandra Haigh (President of Haigh Industries), Frank Haigh (Vice President) and Cheryl Campbell (Director of Sales and Marketing). Sandra continues to be responsible for the creation and manufacturing of the most innovative and ground breaking nail products.
As the professional nail industry progresses, Akzentz is committed to continually raise its already high standards and remain a driving force in the development of new and innovative products to meet the needs of twenty first century nail technicians.

In 2000, nubar was founded as the healthy alternative for beautiful nails. After being affected by cancer within his own family, nubar’s creative force, Noubar Abrahamian, was uniquely committed to his role as a pioneer in producing the highest quality nail care products that were free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (phthalate). These common ingredients are included in California’s Proposition 65, which lists chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm, and nubar’s exclusive formula omits these components as well as their derivatives without sacrificing quality.
Nubar’s standard of excellence goes far beyond our concern for product safety. We are dedicated to producing the most innovative and exciting nail care products available, with unique trend forward nail lacquers and nail art, state of the art artificial nails, and premium skin care necessities, all of which are vegan and cruelty free.
Our standing commitment to your health and to creating uncommonly progressive products of the highest caliber makes nubar the healthy alternative for beautiful nails.

Who we are -
Erica’s is a product line of Advanced Technical Abrasives Inc. established in 1987 as a family owned and operated manufacturing company dedicated to producing fast cutting, professional beauty equipment for nail technicians such as:
Diamond Bits
Diamond Files
Carbide Bits
Electric File Machines
In the last five years we have been busy expanding our product line into the foot and skin care industry as well.
Who we serve -
Erica’s products are sold domestically and internationally.Our reputation for outstanding service and longevity at an affordable price has brought Erica’s world recognition.We proudly sell machines all around the world, having available 220 volt machines with UK, Euro & Australia cords.
Why we serve -
We work hard to provide the highest quality machine and bits at an affordable price because here at Erica’s,“Simply the best” is our motto.We believe that supplying nail technicians with high quality tools gives them the ability to produce superior nails for their client in a most expedient manor.

What is the Valentino Beauty Pure?
The Valentino Beauty Pure is a 2 in 1, one of a kind, air filtration system your salon or spa. It works at the source eliminating nail dust and odor from the acrylic or gel system you are using. It filters out even the finest nail dust particles while filing and any acrylic odor.
How does it work?
The Valentino Beauty Pure system works by utilizing a very high quality filter and fan. The filter contains 200% carbon. What does this mean? This means that all the odors from the products you are using all day in your salon or spa are absorbed by the carbon. The system also uses a very powerful fan that can be adjusted from a high speed to a low speed and anywhere in between to set it to your desired level. What this fan does is it pulls down all the nail dust and odors through the filter leaving nothing but clean, odor free air! The Valentino Beauty Pure also contains a steel housing that is powder coated so you know it is built to last and you get the cleanest air possible.