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Nail Science Academy was established to fill a need in today’s industry in becoming a professional nail technician. The beauty industry is governed by standards for professionals in the trade except for nail technicians. WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS CHANGED!

What makes our academy your best choice?

We offer more extensive training
We offer more in class hours
We have the most competitive tuition saving you $$$
We have highly qualified educators
We offer small class setting to enhance your learning
We offer unsurpassed career mentoring
We offer practicum shadowing
We use one of the most comprehensive manual in the industry known world wide

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Is this for you?

There are many career paths as a Nail Technician, the most common are;

1. High School Graduates;
a) some would like to take a year or two off before attending University and are looking at becoming a Nail Technician to give them supplemented income before and during there commitment to University, it allows them the set their schedule around studies, while being able to earn an above average income.
b) Others are choosing this as a career path, this is very possible and been achieved by many, it does however take commitment and self motivation to get there. There are many Nail Technicians in the industry, but only those with the desire, perseverance and creativity excel to the top earning scale. The Career of being a Nail Technician is not limited to the service, but engaging in competitions to show their skill, becoming an educator, and developing their own salon are all part of this path.

2. Stay at home Moms and Semi Retirement;
Becoming a Nail Technician for this category is a method of making extra earnings at home, most commonly on a part time basis. Although the term to become certified and qualified is only two to three months, it will take allot of commitment and dedication to succeed or meet your expectations, and can take a full year to reach your goal.

3. Re-entry into the Workplace;
For those that have had to re-think their career path due to injury, economic crisis, or family/recreational planning, it is a common selection to become a Nail Technician. Certification into the industry has a short duration and is affordable. There are always sufficient job placements in salons, if you are dedicated and practice good work ethics, Nail Technician is a career that relocates well if you have a spouse or family who is subject to routine transfers.

4. Former Nail Technicians and/or non-certified students
Nail Technicians who have been out of the industry for a while and need to refresh their skills. Whether you are looking to re educate or are just beginning, we have programs for certified and non certified technicians available. Often times, students go through a program and decide not to do anything with it out of pure frustration and lack of confidence. We offer programs that allow these students to bring their products already purchased from their former school or salon and get the re training they need to start the road to success, without the added cost.

Ready For Success

This is our standard entry level certification program, targeting all career types for readiness to begin their journey in the industry. The 40 hr course consists of 2 days per week, 5 hours each day, for 4 weeks. We offer weekday, weekend and early evening courses. The course will cover mandatory theory and manual work and preps the student for any provincial and state exams. This course is designed to introduce and apply all the skills required to become a full service nail technician professional. We include such services as gel and acrylic full sculptured nails, nail tips, hand massages, electric file training and client building.

At the entry level ‘‘Ready for Success’’, emphasis is devoted to the perfection of skills. On completion of exam requirement and practicum, you will be ready to seek employment in salons and begin a home based business.

Accelerate Your Success

This course is designed for new graduates and certified nail technician professionals who are looking to better their skills, increase speed of service and develop trouble shooting skills.

Clients are devoted to technicians who can transform their hands into glamour. In order to achieve this, a technician must understand what the client is looking for, which product they need to use and the proper structure to achieve it. This is a 14 hours weekend course, two days of 7 hours.

Back In The Game

This course was developed as a second chance for anyone who has unsuccessfully completed a nail course out of frustration and lack of understanding. We understand that you might have already purchased kits for courses from various companies and welcome you to bring your product to class without having the added expenses. Our educators are trained to accommodate the application of many different products. This is a 20 hour, 4 day course including; gel application, filing, and tip & form application, add 10 hours, 2 days for acrylic training.

Personalized Development

We offer private coaching for certified Nail Technicians or enrolled students who require one on one development skills. We will customize the training to accommodate a specific need or undeveloped skill. Minimum of 5 hours required.

Nail Art

Please contact us for upcoming dates and prices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

About Our Edmonton Educators

Susan Campeau – Maisonneuve, Academy Director/Master Educator

We are pleased to have “Susan” as our Academy director and master educator; she has 18 years of teaching experience behind her with other Nail Schools, and successfully placed in various nail competitions.
Many of Susan’s former students have gone on to become successful masters of the Nail Technology trade and achieved their Nail Technology educator certification.
As a talented Master Nail Technician in both gel and acrylic, she loves to mentor and share her skills with her students.

Daphney Ederle – Gel Educator

“Daphney” is the newest addition to our team, she is training as a gel educator and assists in classes as an instructor assistant while gaining her experience as an educator. We welcome her to our training program as gel educator and look forward to her Instructor certification summer 2012.

Edson, AB – Educator

Coming Soon!